Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Step 2 - Follow that Food!


Poway Farmer's Market - Late August 2008

So I was able to get out of the house on time. My husband and kids were still sleeping when I left. Since I only had myself to get ready, I was done in a flash. Ah, sweet freedom! It feels good to get out in the crisp morning air. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate. I went nonetheless; hoping that the rain would die down.

I stopped off first at an olive booth where they had fresh Kalamata olives and just-pressed olive oil, un-processed. It was just straight olive oil, no added oils, preservatives, or extra processes. Sooo fantastic! The guy who owned to local company is from Greece (go figure). The way the clerk told the story, when he came to America and discovered our finest “extra virgin olive oil” and he was appalled! (How funny is that? I could just imagine him spitting it across the table!) It’s what drove him to make his own all natural olive oil. Now there’s someone with culinary drive! Ok, but seriously, I must say it’s absolutely the best oil I’ve ever tasted! They had little sample dipping oils as well. They were light but with a very pronounced, well rounded flavor! Oh, it was just delicious!

There was a slew of savory selection for my sampling delight; rows and rows of fresh fruits and veggies. An abundance of sweet, succulent pluots, peaches and prickly pears, grapes, apples, and fresh herbs lined the streets. What an awesome aroma!

Further down I found a booth with crates and crates of fresh fish. I get weary of inland market fish, but this time I decided to try it out. The lady there said her and her father go out for the morning catch and bring it in straight after and filet it. I checked out the salmon they had and to my surprise they were portioned and well cut, good strong color throughout and no odor. Each filet was cleanly packaged and ice cold, not to mention fresh, caught just this morning! Mmm! “I’ll take two please!”

So, my stormy adventure is over for now. I’ve got some fresh fish and salad for dinner so I'm rearin' to get cookin!

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