Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Experiment - you rate it!

I did this sort of experiment dish (I'm sure it's been done somewhere in the world but I tried it anyway) - for dinner last night. It's a Paula Deen type dish. My husband enjoyed it and that's what counts!

So I know this is horrible but I did bacon wrapped pork chops? HA! Don't say a word - pork wrapped in pork is not my idea of a healthy dinner but it sure made a good one! Wait till you hear just what I did with it!

I seasoned the porkchops, layed out about three strips of bacon, topped the bacon with a thin layer of pepper jack cheese. Then, I plopped the porkchop on top, wrapped 'em up and secured it with a toothpick.

Now wait - I'm not done!

I dipped it in egg and dredged it in flour, fried it (to cook the bacon thoroughly) then baked it for 30 minutes more.

Crazy right? It turned out really good, well...interesting. I think I would like to try this with chicken sometime and stuff it or possibly with portobello mushrooms? We'll see what I come up with next!

Simply Smashing!

I hope I nailed the interview.

When I got there it was packed. There were already almost 100 people ahead of me (I was number 98). Boy what a long wait. I arrived around 12 noon to check in. Conversations were buzzing all around. I made my way to a seat. I gave my girlfriend a call about 1230pm.

"AaAaAh - guess where I am?"


"At the interview, I'm just waiting to be seen!"

I had notified my friends and from California to New York the word was out. Everyone is patiently waiting to hear.

I am SO excited and humbled and grateful for the support I have here. How loved am I!!!!

So the waiting game began. I met a bunch of nice people all hoping to be the Next Food Network Star. Conversations of food and technique flared as time continued.

The bartender greeted me kindly, "Would you like a drink my dear?"

"No thanks," I said. "Too excited, my stomach couldn't bear it..."

Time continued on and I took a walk downtown to get some air. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and the ocean breeze blowing through my hair.

Upon my return they were announcing number 68. Whew! Forty more numbers to go!

At about 4:30pm I was seen by this very sweet woman named Amy. She asked me about my background and how I came into cooking. I had a great time talking to her and sharing my passion for food. She seemed to enjoy herself as well.

She said I was sweet and she loved my enthusiasm for food! Now I am just waiting to see if I get a call back.

I will keep you all posted!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Could I be the Next Food Network Star?

OMGOSH! My bones are all mush over this one! I am actually going to go through with the audition tomorrow! Wish me luck!

I am so nervous! I will keep everyone posted. I so appreciate your patience in my transition. I am back as I have come to a close of preparing for school and preparing my two little ones for school. When they're gone all day I will be cooking and out to the farmer's market.

I will post after I do the audition and tell you how I think I did. I appreciate your support!