Monday, February 2, 2009

Coming Up...

Okay - I've been missing a couple of weeks yes? Life's got a lot going on but coming up next, here's what we have:

Shrimp Parmesan Fettuccini
Banana Walnut Bread Pudding with Buttery Rum Sauce



Oh also - this is part of the reason I've been planning! I'm catering a benefit dinner (LOL is it wrong to say it's benefitting me?....ahemmm...I mean...) for my husband who is trying to raise tuition to seminary and to launch (well kinda) my catering services and get my name out there. I will be working with an experienced caterer for the event and possibly talking to him about doing some of my dishes so I can get out and socialize while I'm serving the guests.

I'm REALLY excited. It will be family and friends mostly but a lot of people nonetheless and we get to dress all jazzy and what not. I'm going with a 40's theme for my flare. We'll see how it all turns out but I will be sure to post pictures of the event so you all can see what God does with my hands for His glory! I'm praying everyone will love the food and music and just have a great time. I'm also using this (the event and pictures/dishes from it) to keep a running "chef-olio" of my work before I even get into school. So everyone keep your fingers crossed!!! I'm looking to make my b-line here soon unless the Lord does something else!

Love ya!

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