Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Countdown Begins!

So, I submitted my essay yesterday to the Art Institute. I'm nervous. Oh yeah! Here is what I wrote for my essay. It was 150 word limit on how the Art Institute could help me reach my goals:

"...No warrior goes into battle without armor and sword; no cartographer lays out his creation without first scoping the land to set his course. It takes unique strategy and edge of preparedness to reach ones goals. One must be properly equipped for the task, bearing discipline, focus, and drive.

At the Art Institute, I will have the opportunity for success in achieving my goal of becoming a world-renowned chef. The Art Institute’s Culinary Arts program provides its students with small classes which allow for individual instruction catered to each student’s creative culinary development. Additionally, with hands on experience, collaborative curriculums, and fervent instruction from faculty and staff, I will be able to pursue my passion for food with the preparedness and edge I need to stand out in a crowd. Through abundant resources, careful planning, and guidance at the Art Institute, my exciting journey to culinary excellence is victory bound!..."

Keep those little fingers crossed! I will get back to you as soon as I know!
You have just read Part 2- "The Making of a Chef - Phase 1: The Essay"

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Mrs. 30 Days said...

How exciting! Excellent essay-you're in! :o)