Friday, July 3, 2009

..::So who won?::..

So the story goes like this...

I'm at a friend's house like 37 miles away from my home. I have my nephew and my two kids with me at my friend's swimming pool. We're playing and splashing around in the water. Okay so I just bought a new swimsuit this summer too (first one since my daughter was born) and my phone rings. I miss the call because I'm in the pool and I jump out and try to dry off my hands before I pick up the phone - no ringing, I miss the call. I'm like, OK I missed the call, that's fine I'll call them back later. I check who it is to see if it's urgent. Oh - it's my admissions counselor from the Art Institute. Hmm, he's probably wondering what happened the day before (my husband and I were supposed to stop by and take a tour of the school - my husband's checking out the Art Institute for Audio Production program they just started).

Alright, so I call up my husband or text him and let him know to call the admissions counselor back and I get back in the pool.

Am I dragging this out too long? :P

So okay - a couple minutes later I get this text:
"Congratulations baby! I knew you could do it!"

I'm like "what? do what? buy a swimsuit?....ok"

So then, my phone rings again and of course I miss the call because, once again, I'm trying to dry off my hands before I get to the phone. This time it's the admissions counselor again, so I call him back thinking my husband didn't get a hold of him.

I call him back, he answers the phone, let's me know when he and my husband have scheduled to meet and....

Congratulates me on winning the grand prize $8,000 scholarship competition!

Thank you to all those who support me. This journey's just begun and boy am I glad to have you along!

Sit down, we'll watch a movie and have a glass of wine!

Oh, by the way - if I can figure out how to convert my entry (power point) into AVI format (without spending too much), I'll post my presentation or a link for you to see! Ciao until then!

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